Pre-Meeting Tasks

As part of the CISE EWF PI meeting you are being asked to complete 2 tasks – due June 1st.

#1 is a data collection form and #2 is a one-pager to be part of a digital book. Both tasks are explained in detail below. These materials will be used at the meeting to foster cross-project collaboration and discussion and to better understand how we’re collectively effecting change.

At the meeting, we will be sharing maps with where project implementation efforts are occurring to facilitate collaboration.  These maps will include the higher education institutions in which projects are implementing CISE EWF  related efforts, for projects working with K-12 partners, and the partnering school districts. In some cases, projects may be unable to report specific districts. 

Please respond to this form with data about your project.  

We are also asking for a report on an aggregate number of schools, teachers/faculty and students reached.  These data will be aggregated across projects to better understand and for NSF to be able to report the reach of the community broadly; we will not be sharing project-level reports of these data.  

Data collected from RPP-projects will also be used to update the RPPforCS database

Help us put together a one-page document profiling your project, that will be published and shared, and provide some data about your project to the larger community.

Instructions for the one-pager: 

  • There are 2 parts to each one-pager: A 7.5″ X 7.5″ section that you prepare yourself and headers and footers that we will prepare on your behalf with the information you provide in the form. You will have an opportunity to review before we go to print. 
  • We’re asking you to provide any links or files to key websites / products / papers (for example toolkits, multiplex showcase videos, research publications) that you would like to share with the CISE EWF  community.  We will then share via a QR code on your one-pager a link to a landing page with these resources. This is an optional component of the one-pager.

Templates for the 7.5 X 7.5 section:

  • A Template on Canva can be found HERE (highly recommended) 
  • A Template on Google Slides can be accessed HERE
A tapestry of 2022 One-Pagers
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